Welcome to Birdville. Birdville is a place a lot like our own; there are cars blurting music as they wait in traffic, tired couples winding up games of Scrabble slowly and without much interest, and dogs sleeping through the day curled against a back door. In Birdville, the sparrows can live their lives in a single tree and never be so much as fired at by a kid with a sling-shot.

But, as in any other place, magic can happen in Birdville. Sometimes the kid takes aim and shoots, and when the bird falls dead to the ground with one wing curled beneath it, it is not forgotten. The bird becomes much more than a sparrow in a tree, and we may want to watch the boy more closely. Hollow handfuls of bones and feathers can have a way of haunting people.

Birdville magazine is a chronicle of stories from different places, places that are sometimes magical and strange. It’s a chronicle of fiction; but stories from fictitious worlds only exist to tell us something about our own. Read them closely and think about them, because nobody writes anything about Birdville unless it means something.

Birdville Magazine was edited and administered by Jeremy Ohlback, a Master of Arts graduate and published short story author currently living in Sydney, Australia.

You can contact jeremy via email at birdville mag dot online.

All stories published in the magazine remain the creative property of the authors.

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